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Culturally tailored healthcare

Support your ethnically diverse patient population to improve their health and wellbeing with convenient and swift culturally relevant healthcare.

How Planet Nourish works

2 floating iPhones showing different screens from the Planet Nourish App - Community page and Recipes page
Planet Nourish is an ethnically-tailored digital healthcare platform that helps people manage diet-related health conditions such as Type 2 Diabetes.
The Planet Nourish app uses an evidence-based intervention of patient education, healthy cookery and coaching.

The community aspect motivates patients to engage with healthy behaviour and offers culturally competent care that is far more effective for ethnically diverse patients.
Planet Nourish’s preventative approach is better for patients and saves the NHS time and money.

Why ethnicity & cultural competence matter

Planet Nourish’s mission is to provide an ethnically focussed solution for diverse populations that is more effective than current solutions in the marketplace.


Ethnic communities are disproportionately affected by diet-related conditions, and are more likely to experience adverse health outcomes.


They display poorer lifestyle behaviour management, and are often not engaged with diet and lifestyle interventions geared for White populations.


Current health interventions are not tailored to ethnicity and culture, despite this being a key factor in improving health outcomes for these communities.


Disruptions to healthcare caused by the pandemic may further worsen long-term outcomes in these populations, exacerbating existing health disparities.

How this
helps the NHS & clinicians

Improved clinical outcomes


Reduced risk of long-term complications


Culturally-relevant and individualised support and advice for your patients.


Cost and time saving

Potential to reach & impact health of the wider community

Fits with national guidance

i.e. the NHS Long term Plan, CORE20Plus 5, NICE recommendations to deliver evidence-based, culturally relevant, digitally enabled care with a focus on reducing inequalities.

We can help you support your ethnically diverse patient population

Contact us to find out how Planet Nourish could help