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Planet Nourish Programme

Programme Schedule - week by week

Feel free to visit our FAQ page for your all your questions, and if you don’t find the answer there email us at

What's in the programme?

We provide you a community where you can really see yourself in others in and feel culturally tailored for and valued. We want you to live a fuller life were you can eat, cook and connect with the people that matter the most.

We teach new ways of how to cook that South Asian, European and daily essentials and will get support from the whole family

We combine individual coaching with cohort-based interaction to allow for patients’ different preferences and motivators

We connect you with other people with Type 2 diabetes and facilitate engaging discussions that allow you to share and support each other

We keep track of your eating habits and learn how it affects management of your Type 2 diabetes

We equip you with all the training, guidance and coaching materials you’ll need to get through the programme and the tips on how to maintain your goals in the future

Why Planet Nourish?

The Planet Nourish team are mostly of South Asian origin. We are the same as you, we understand the impact of this disease on our community, and are really focused on making a change. 

Together we are an established team of clinical dietitians, trained chefs, technology specialists & health strategists with a genuine love for food, family and traditions. We tackle the issues head on, that other programmes ignore.

Our programme delvers results. We are a trusted Type 2 diabetes management programme for a number of leading healthcare providers in the UK. 

Eat. Cook. Connect.
Your Health, Your Hands